The custom machining team has the capability to satisfy all your special core requirements that standard pressed and fired products can’t.  We have state-of-the-art four-axis CNC machining centers with a staff of well-trained programmers and machinists that can supply virtually any core design.

Typically core shapes can be produced either by pressing and firing or machining the shape from a block of material.  Pressing requires special tooling for each shape which can cost many thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of the design.  Designs with low forecasted volume requirements can be machined avoiding the high capital tooling expenditures.  For those products that have high volumes forecasted it is always best to prove the designs using a machined part so that press tooling may be made just once at the final design stage. Please contact our engineers to discuss your custom core design needs.


  • Four-axis CNC’s for special contours, profiles and shapes
  • Abundant ID/OD/Centerless and surface grinding capacity
  • Lapping and Polishing as fine as six micro-inch surface finish
  • High quality assembly and bonding techniques
  • Parylene coating