Metglas Inc. manufactures five different types of high frequency magnetic cores with Metglas® amorphous metal alloy ribbon.  They are Magnaperm®, Powerlite®, Magamps®, Microlite™ and Microlite XP™.  These cores utilize the unique characteristics of Metglas amorphous alloys and are used in a wide variety of applications.

Metglas® amorphous metals are iron or cobalt based alloys with noncrystalline atomic structures.  The metal is cooled and cast quickly in order to produce this unique atomic structure.  This structure is the key to the incredibly low power losses exhibited with Metglas.  Other unique properties of Metglas® amorphous metals are effortless magnetization and demagnetization, and low temperature rise at high frequencies.

In addition to Metglas amorphous metal C-Cores we offer both vertical and horizontal brackets to accommodate your assembly requirements.  These high quality brackets are manufactured by Hallmark Metals and available from Elna Magnetics either from our stock or with a very short lead-time for all C-core sizes.  Please call, e-mail or submit an RFQ for pricing and additional information.