Neosid produces NiZn & MnZn ferrite products using their specialized injection molding process.  Using this process Neosid produces custom made products for your specific application.   Their products are used for inductors and RFID transponders.    Innovative developments allow them produce a highly permeable ferrite with a specific resistance of approximately 106  to 107ohm-meter.  This allows for direct winding without the need for an insulating coating.   These components are ideal for RF, antenna and interference suppression (EMC) technology.  In addition Neosid ferrites are ideal for use in proximity switches, transponders and many other electronic components.

Neosid was founded in 1933 in berlin Germany.   It is now located in Halver Germany.  It maintains an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.   They employ 90 people in their Halver location.