The gapping team provides core-gapping services for all Elna supplied cores: Fair-Rite Products, Ferroxcube, Magnetics Inc.,EPCOS, Micrometals and TSC Ferrite International.

Elna will also gap any customer-supplied product to your specifications.  Gapping can be done either to a physical dimension or a specified AL value and tolerance.

Mechanical gaps can be specified as both cores gapped or as one core gapped and expressed in inches or micrometers.  Gaps expressed in inches are denoted in thousandths of an inch and specified PM 10 for a .010” gap.  To specify in micrometers a .5mm gap is G500.

Electrical gaps or AL is usually specified as nH/turn2 or mH/1000 turns.  Often our customers want extremely close tolerances so they will furnish their special coil, bobbin or circuit and Elna will gap the core sets to a specified inductance.


  • AL gaps held to +/-1%
  • Mechanical gaps held to +/-0.001″
  • Toroid gaps as small as 0.003″